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i2net is a creative and up to date group that is constantly researching the latest news in web, programming and design. It is not just our job but the industry our team enjoys. With our interest, tools and knowledge, it has been a large factor that has contributed to our successful growth.

Our services range from web development to online marketing but i2net offers everything in between too.
  • Logo branding
  • Corporate stationary packaging including letterhead, envelopes, brochures and business card design
  • Product packaging
  • Print production
  • Web site hosting and domain registration
  • Social Network Development
  • Iphone and mobile applications

How we started and grew

Neal Weisman is the founder and visionary of Interactive Ideas www.i2net.com, that began in 1994 for the purpose of enhancing Internet technologies for the most demanding eBusiness applications. Seeing a demand for online business presence and majoring in communication himself, Neal set out to find the tool, or rather- team, he needed to get started. Our team has a diverse educational background, with degrees in graphic design arts, interior design, computer science, public relations, marketing, fashion design and web media, After 19 years in the technology field, Neal continues to evolve the i2net with a focus on helping companies with their online marketing strategy. The staff is truly a talented group of individuals with an eye for making outstanding websites, images and applications.

"Our clients have different levels of needs depending on their expertise in business and technology. We take a unique marketing approach in a flexible manner to identify and analyze each company's goals. After extensive assessment analysis, a system development "blueprint" and a deployment plan based on time-to-market, budgetary and technology constraints is developed."

Interactive Ideas' services are intended to improve the competitive position of its eBusiness clients.

In his free time, Neal sits on several Non-profit boards including Orangutan Foundation International and GAPS. Both organizations are dedicated to the environment and preservation of animals on a global scale. When not at the office, Neal can be found at Disneyland or home with his Girlfriend, English Mastiff, St Bernard, 3 Mane coon Cats, 40 Koi and the menagerie of animals. With his entrepreneur spirit, i2net has grown to extraordinary measures. i2net now has a team of programmers, designers, consultation representatives, project managers, SEO and social media marketing experts waiting to help you.

What our goal is

Our goal is simply to be a great company. Web designers do not have a great reputation so we want to be that team that is reliable, trusted and bragged about! Our reputation is very important to us as we get most of our business through referrals. We strive to really make each project an easy and fun process for our clients and ourselves.

We want to hear people say "Go look at my new site, it rocks!"

Why we are good

i2net has a very solid understanding of what is fresh and attractive with the web world today. As this is a constantly evolving industry, we have to keep up with the latest trends in order to keep our clients up to date. With that said, our ability to create ecommerce packages, database, social networks, iphone applications, corporate and personal websites and much more comes easy to us. We know what works well and what doesn’t!

We also have something that no other web development company offers. 2 separate teams! We have a team of specialized designers who work on your design first, make sure it is absolutely perfect, and then transfer the file to our developers. That way you get the best of both worlds!


Neal Weisman - CEO
Nicole Galante -VP

Betty Weisman - Accountant

Holly Edwards - Graphic Design

Martin Kenney - Programmer
Rick PR- Programmer



7275 Murdy Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: 714.375.4746
Fax: 714.375.4743


Las Vegas, NV 89183
Phone: 702.521.6922

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