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Create a feature packed social network for your community all managed and configured through your Admin Center. You can even add more features by visiting the Widget Store, which we're adding to it all the time.

Your members are able to design their own profiles and upload videos, blogs and profiles. It's also possible for them to adjust their privacy settings. They'll find a range of other familiar features including walls, activity feeds and the ability to search other members using multiple criteria.
  • Privacy of member profiles can be easily customized
  • Members have the option of designing their own profiles
  • Members can find each other using multiple search criteria
  • Profiles have walls, activity feeds and other great features


At the base of your networking site, you'll find a chat bar, which shows the members online at that moment. It's possible to chat in real time via text, but also via video without the need to download any additional software.
  • A nifty chat bar sits at the base of the network allowing for real-time chat
  • Video chats can be started with high-quality webcam support
  • A multiple user chat room widget available for free in the Widget Store

Photos & Videos

SNS can display original videos and photos that your members upload or embed content from other networks. Members can upload to multiple public or private albums, but as network owner, you can choose to moderate all media before it goes live.
  • Members can add photos to multiple public or private albums
  • Members can embed videos or upload them and have them encoded by us in minutes
  • You can choose to moderate all media before it goes live on the network


Members can sign up to your network by using their Facebook and Twitter credentials. They simply click on a button in the sidebar and are logged straight in. Adding this to your network can improve signup rates by as much as 25%.

All this and more can be yours. Whether you want to connect the members of your company, link the collegiates of your campus, or even create a profile for the critters at your zoo, SNS is the social networking system that has everyone talking!

Need something a little different? Not a problem! Contact us today and we will come up with the perfect solution for your company.


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