Intranet System

Businesses today have become increasingly eccentric. Each and every one unique in its own way, so how is one solution supposed to work for all of them? The answer? It's not!

Our Intranet System is designed with that in mind. With several customizable modules in place and unlimited customization options, the intranet is the perfect solution for almost any business. Not only can you track company information such as employee information, payroll, hours, performance and benefits, you can also do billing, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Ready to book a meeting but not sure if your managers are available? Not a problem! Check the company calendar. It's available and accessible to all employees via the web and allows you to view and schedule meetings with just a few clicks.

The intranet also allows you to store customer information, create a knowledgebase of company handbooks/manuals, upload sales materials, and run reports on sales, performance and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

We can create any custom solution that your project requires. Some of the built in features include:
  • Internal Employee Directory
  • Office Calendar
  • Accounting Module
  • Production- View/Create Work-order
  • Sales- View/Upload Materials
  • Operations- Company Policies/Handbooks
  • Human Resources- Benefits, Write-ups, Etc.
  • Support- Knowledgebase of Company Info.
  • Administration- View/Add Employees, Work-orders, Types of Work, View/Add Customer/Client Info.
  • Email- Access to Company Email System
  • WWW Site- Link to Company Website
We have the keys you need to get your business organized and accessible in a fun and user-friendly way. Contact us today to get started.


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